Transitioning Away From SAsites

I’ve begun to move away from my old SAsites domain/site. It just didn’t feel relevant anymore. I’ll be using this site as my main biz site. If you got here via my business card or got redirected from, see my About Me page.


Physics is Fun

So last Friday my niece Vanessa said:

Physics is easy when you’re having fun

Simply brilliant.

Posting From iPhone App

Just testing the usability of the WordPress app. Convenient that our CMS has this. Blog from anywhere.

Create original technology

“We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours,” Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs (regarding HTC’s purported patent infringements).

Hmm. Seems Steve has forgotten his trip to Xerox Parc.

Self-esteem is not job 1

The reason that you've having trouble is that you don't know anything and you're not working very hard.

via MIT professor to Philip Greenspun.

Why Bill Gates is Richer than You

I wrote this section in 1997 when the Clinton Administration sued Microsoft. Since then GNU/Linux has improved substantially and now far exceeds government desktop IT requirements. However, U.S. federal and state governments have continued to hire lawyers to pick at Microsoft instead of hiring programmers to port their Windows-only apps to GNU/Linux. Then they express surprise that Johnny wants to major in Law instead of Computer Science.

Philip Greenspun.

Is the Facebook imperative really so great for Corporate America?

I’m relying on Twitter and LinkedIn to get real work done. My Facebook account has become a modern-day equivalent of AOL—I’m there because everyone else is.


This might be sacreligious but I’ve questioned the utility of facebook from the get go. I’ve not been convinced of Twitter/linkedin either. I guess I need a concrete example from someone who is getting “real work done” using these services.

What Will It Mean When the eBook Comes First?

Linking is essential. The author should be recording deep-link information for every useful resource tapped during the book’s creation

via What Will It Mean When the eBook Comes First? | The DocuMentor |

I think this info should be recorded regardless of the final medium. PurpleSlurple facilitates this.