Create original technology

“We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours,” Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs (regarding HTC’s purported patent infringements).

Hmm. Seems Steve has forgotten his trip to Xerox Parc.

Is the Facebook imperative really so great for Corporate America?

I’m relying on Twitter and LinkedIn to get real work done. My Facebook account has become a modern-day equivalent of AOL—I’m there because everyone else is.


This might be sacreligious but I’ve questioned the utility of facebook from the get go. I’ve not been convinced of Twitter/linkedin either. I guess I need a concrete example from someone who is getting “real work done” using these services.

Software-as-a-service has built-in security advantages – Google Apps for business

Technology – Google Apps data is fractured and obfuscated across multiple servers and disks, making it human-unreadable. Data is replicated in multiple data centers for redundancy and consistent availability. To reduce exploit risks, each Google server is custom-built with only the necessary software components, and the homogeneous server architecture enables rapid updates and configuration changes across the entire network when necessary.

via Software-as-a-service has built-in security advantages – Google Apps for business.

Another reason SMBs need to use the cloud