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What Will It Mean When the eBook Comes First?

Linking is essential. The author should be recording deep-link information for every useful resource tapped during the book’s creation

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I think this info should be recorded regardless of the final medium. PurpleSlurple facilitates this.


Purple Numbers for Everyone: Jon Udell Interviews Silona Bonewald

I was looking for Jonathan Cheyer’s Purple Number plugin for WordPress, when Google coughed up Jon Udell’s post: “Purple Numbers for PDF documents?“. I’m glad to see such an industry stalwart plugging for Purple Numbers. While this post is interesting on it’s own accord (it might help to move the years old discussion forward), what really caught my eye was his reference to Silona Bonewald and

Silona Bonewald is the force behind, a budding effort to make “government accessible, reliable, and transparent with advanced permalinks”. Interestingly there doesn’t seem to be any knowledge of all the previous related work done in this arena. Also, I don’t see any of the usual suspects listed as supporters at We’ll have to hook Silona up, she’s just up the road in Austin. Here’s Jon’s interview with Silona.

What is PurpleSlurple?

PurpleSlurple is a little script I wrote back in 2002 as a result of my participation in a couple of news groups. PurpleSlurple creates fine-grained addressability of Web content on the fly.