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Is the Facebook imperative really so great for Corporate America?

I’m relying on Twitter and LinkedIn to get real work done. My Facebook account has become a modern-day equivalent of AOL—I’m there because everyone else is.


This might be sacreligious but I’ve questioned the utility of facebook from the get go. I’ve not been convinced of Twitter/linkedin either. I guess I need a concrete example from someone who is getting “real work done” using these services.


Social gaming’s big, but who’s spending money?

Most the users are suburban moms!

Companies hoping to cash in big on micropayments and virtual goods in games may be interested in this item, though: while just over half of social gamers (53 percent) say they have earned or spent virtual goods in a game, only 28 percent say they have spent real-world money on virtual goods and 32 percent have bought a virtual gift.

via CNET News.