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Physics is Fun

So last Friday my niece Vanessa said:

Physics is easy when you’re having fun

Simply brilliant.


Posting From iPhone App

Just testing the usability of the WordPress app. Convenient that our CMS has this. Blog from anywhere.

Self-esteem is not job 1

The reason that you've having trouble is that you don't know anything and you're not working very hard.

via MIT professor to Philip Greenspun.

Why Bill Gates is Richer than You

I wrote this section in 1997 when the Clinton Administration sued Microsoft. Since then GNU/Linux has improved substantially and now far exceeds government desktop IT requirements. However, U.S. federal and state governments have continued to hire lawyers to pick at Microsoft instead of hiring programmers to port their Windows-only apps to GNU/Linux. Then they express surprise that Johnny wants to major in Law instead of Computer Science.

Philip Greenspun.

Internet Explorer gains modicum of HTML5 | The Download Blog –

It's safe to say that trying to implement it isn't for the faint-hearted. Despite the available work-arounds, Internet Explorer still has a long way to go before it is HTML5-compliant.

via The Download Blog.

Someday we won’t have to account for browser differences (lol).

Google’s Schmidt: More Widely Available Broadband Access Needed for Jobs

185 “High-speed Internet access must be much more widely available. Broadband is a major driver of new jobs and businesses, yet we rank only 15th in the world for access. More government support for broadband remains critical,” Schmidt said.

via Is Google a wolf in sheeps clothing to ISPs? | Signal Strength – CNET News.

Computer-supported cooperative work: a book of readings

Via Google Books by way of Google Scholar (what a great combo): Computer-supported cooperative work: a book of readings.