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It's safe to say that trying to implement it isn't for the faint-hearted. Despite the available work-arounds, Internet Explorer still has a long way to go before it is HTML5-compliant.

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Someday we won’t have to account for browser differences (lol).


Software-as-a-service has built-in security advantages – Google Apps for business

Technology – Google Apps data is fractured and obfuscated across multiple servers and disks, making it human-unreadable. Data is replicated in multiple data centers for redundancy and consistent availability. To reduce exploit risks, each Google server is custom-built with only the necessary software components, and the homogeneous server architecture enables rapid updates and configuration changes across the entire network when necessary.

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Another reason SMBs need to use the cloud

Greed is Good

For me, however, one of the most deeply disturbing passages came in the last chapter: “A recent study by the Aspen Institute appears to confirm that business school is, in fact, damaging to the moral fiber of students. Upon entering business school, the researchers found, students cherished noble ambitions to serve customers, create quality products, and otherwise contribute to the progress of humankind. By the time of their graduation, however, students were convinced that the only thing that matters is increasing shareholder value.” Stewart suggests that many of our current problems may come from this corrupting influence of business schools.

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Not sure we can blame all our ills on business school graduates, but the message that greed is good seems to have pervaded the country until just recently. I wonder if the message will stick when the economy gets better. Or does one necessitate the other?

Broad New Hacking Attack Detected –

Obviously Google and the other big cloud players aren’t immune from this, but storing your data out in the cloud has to be safer than trying to protect your local servers, especially for the small company or home user.


Social gaming’s big, but who’s spending money?

Most the users are suburban moms!

Companies hoping to cash in big on micropayments and virtual goods in games may be interested in this item, though: while just over half of social gamers (53 percent) say they have earned or spent virtual goods in a game, only 28 percent say they have spent real-world money on virtual goods and 32 percent have bought a virtual gift.

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Video game genres – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Educational games, as the name implies, attempt to teach the user using the game as a vehicle. Most of these types of games target young user from the ages of about three years to mid-teens;[citation needed] past the mid-teens, subjects become so complex e.g. Calculus that teaching via a game is impractical.[citation needed]

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Interesting. I know some who would contend teaching complex subjects with games is doable and profitable. Not surprisingly, a citation is missing.

The technology and platforms of Tiny Specks Glitch

But one thing that hasnt changed is the Tiny Speck founders determination that no matter what, they will be able to update and modify the contents of the live game–once its live, that is–very quickly and not have to take it offline in order to do so, as is often the case with large-scale massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft.

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Cool! And we do that how?